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International Vapor Group is responsible for popular brands

Electronic cigarettes are widely considered to be the future of the smoking cessation aid market. There are, of course, other options—lozenges, gum, patches, but none are as successful or effective as electronic cigarettes. They are so successful because they are able to provide the same experience and sensation of smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, users of electronic cigarettes are able to forgo the harmful effects of actually smoking. The water vapor that is inhaled and exhaled when one uses an electronic cigarette contains nicotine, in order to help the user fight the addiction, but no other harmful chemicals.

International Vapor Group is certainly one of the most respected names in the electronic cigarette industry. They are so widely respected as a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer because their products are actually effective at helping tobacco cigarette smokers to quit. International Vapor Group is responsible for popular brands like South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.